Invited Speakers


So far the following speakers have accepted invitation:


Gerhard Frey - University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Title: Arithmetic Geometry: Deep Theory, Efficient Algorithms and Surprsing Applications (abstract)


Markus Hittmeir - Universität Salzburg, Austria

Title: A babystep-giantstep method for faster deterministic integer factorization (abstract)


Antoine Joux - University of Paris VI, France

Title: A crossbred algorithm for solving Boolean polynomial systems (abstract)


Rene Peralta - Computer Security Division, NIST, USA

Title: The NIST post-quantum cryptography project (abstract)


Josef Pieprzyk - Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Title: Analysis of Human Identification Protocols (abstract)


Igor ShparlinskiUniversity of New South Wales, Australia

Title: Playing Hide-and-Seek with in Finite Fields: Hidden Number Problem and Its Applications (abstract)


2021 Number Theory Methods in Cryptology (NuTMiC)
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